Why is our pizza so good?

It is artisanal pizza made from living sourdough, light and delicious with seasonal toppings.
Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, it’s pizza that encourages conversation thanks to a simple idea: eight slices so that everyone at the table can try different flavors.

Pizza Napoli
berberè la nostra pizza


We perfected our flours so that they could be the right ones for our pizzas. We did it together with Alce Nero, farmers who have been growing organic foods for more than 40 years. Our flours are semi-whole and stone-ground: they are healthier than refined flour as they keep the wheat’s fibers, vitamins and trace elements.

berberè la nostra pizza


Our dough is freshly prepared everyday, in every single restaurant, starting from flour, water and living sourdough. We let it rest for 24 hours at controlled room temperature, between 20 and 24 degrees. It rewards us by giving our pizza its unique consistency, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

berberè la nostra pizza


We prepare them by using different cereals other than wheat (spelt and Senatore Cappelli) or using the hydrolysis of starch, a technique for dough rising, free of any added yeast, based on the process of self-fermentation of broken wheat. It almost sounds like magic, but it actually is a natural process used since the beginning of bread-making.

berberè la nostra pizza


The ingredients we choose for our pizzas are largely produced by organic farmers or small extensive livestock farming. Our toppings are good, in every sense of the way, and they stay in our fridge for a very short amount of time since we cook them freshly every day.

berberè la nostra pizza


We change ingredients as the season change. We do that for the same reason we wouldn’t walk around with a bathing suit in winter or with a coat during summer.

berberè la nostra pizza


Our pizza is served already cut in 8 slices, in order to stimulate conviviality. Because it is even more delicious when shared.


Creamy sauces
for crunchy crust edges

Our delicious sauces are perfect to dip those crust edges for even more flavour.

Spicy ‘nduja & honey, aioli, garlic butter or basil & walnut pesto: scrummy treats inspired from simple ingredients and our love for inventing new ways to make your mouth water. Delicious flavour combinations that will be the perfect grand finale for your pizza.