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Our new autumn/winter menu is here with new amazing pizzas!

What you’ll find in the new autumn/winter menu

Curious about the new menu? In addition to our classic pizza, like the beloved Margherita or Napoli with anchovies, we’ve got a new perfect menu, straight out of the oven, to cuddle you up during this season. Amongst the newest pizza, we have the 4 FORMAGGI & MUSHROOM & TRUFFLE with Gorgonzola, parmigiano, taleggio, fiordilatte mozzarella, mixed mushrooms, truffle oil and the super colorful (and super vegan!) HIGH VIOLET with creamed beetroots, leeks, black olives, fresh chilli, mixed seeds.
We couldn’t do without a pizza with an intense and strong taste as Speck e Zola with Speck from the Alps (lightly smoked prosciutto), gorgonzola cheese, fiordilatte mozzarella, honey and walnuts.
And if you love trying new things out we suggest Tonno e Salsa verde with Callipo reserve tuna fillets, sauteed red onion, fiordilatte d’Agerola, salsa verde, black olive powder, oregano.

But it doesn’t end here!

Antipasti, montanarine, dolci and much more

This year’s autumn/winter menu is filled with tasty choices. Amongst the Antipasti you’ll find Burrata, baked aubergines, basil & walnut pesto (absolutely scrumptious) but also Salumi platter (prosciutto di Parma, speck, spicy salami) served with sourdough bread. And if you’re in the mood for something extra indulgent, you’ll have to taste our Montanarine: fried sourdough pizza balls in 4 different tastes. And finally, a selection of desserts that definitely recall the Italian way, like tiramisù or ice cream (pistachio, chocolate or vanilla?).
Curious about the new menu? Book your table and come get a taste of it!